State-of-the-Art DIRECTV Receivers


DIRECTV offers a full line of cutting-edge receivers to deliver the ultimate television experience, including our most advanced receiver: DIRECTV Plus© HD DVR. Welcome the future of TV into your living room today.


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DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Receiver

With the latest DVR and HD technology rolled into one easy-to-use unit, the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR will change the way you enjoy home theater. Images are sharper. Colors are brighter. Sound is crisper. And now they can be recorded. The DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR also features Media Share, allowing you to enjoy photos and music stored on your Intel® Viiv™ processor technology-based PC - on your TV.

DIRECTV Plus DVR Receiver

Get 100-percent digital quality picture and sound — plus all the convenience of digital video recording. You never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again. The DIRECTV Plus® DVR lets you watch them whenever you want.


See what your HDTV can really do. With the advanced features of the DIRECTV HD receiver and DIRECTV HD service, you'll enjoy TV like never before. Get up to 1080i picture output for an incredible life-like viewing experience.

DIRECTV Standard Receiver

Unmatched TV enjoyment is always just a click away with the DIRECTV Receiver. Personalize your channel selections with a customizable guide. Search up to three-and-a-half days of TV listings. Control what your children are watching with Parental Controls. And more.



DIRECTV offers access to 265 channels of entertainment from popular networks such as the Disney Channel, CNN, ESPN and TNT, as well as up to 55 Pay Per View choices a day.


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DIRECTV for your Buisnesses

  • Over 200 available channels, including local stations1
  • 63 national channels available in HD2
  • The best mix of entertainment, sports, news and family programming available
  • 15 interruption-free XM Satellite Radio channels - exclusive to business customers - are music to your guests' ears
  • Customize DIRECTV for your guests with a variety of packages and subscription programming


DIRECTV vs Cable
You deserve better than cable.



Access to over 130 National channels in HD*



"My signal will go out in bad weather."

Wrong. DIRECTV delivers a digital signal 99.9% of the time, rain or shine. Any minor problem will likely be fixed in a matter of minutes, not
days or weeks.


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